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Examine emerging technologies, tools, skill sets, and concepts such as innovation, disruption and future forecasting to lead your organisations today. A three-and-a-half day immersive course.

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About the programme.

The SingularityU South Africa Executive Programme (EP) is a virtual three-and-a-half day immersive course for up to 60 delegates. It examines how key converging technologies will shape our future, while exploring ethical leadership in a world of rapid change. This intensive programme is intended for senior leaders in business, government, and the non-profit sectors who have the desire to have a positive impact at scale, and who want to create their organisations’ – and the world’s future – not simply react to it.

At the SingularityU South Africa Executive Programme, you’ll learn what it means to think exponentially and will develop the insights and framework you’ll need to design for an abundant future.

Our world-class experts deliver interactive presentations in an immersive classroom setting, paired with insightful discussions and activities that leverage the diverse cohort of thought leaders and innovators we convene for each session. By convening a class of future-oriented senior influencers from all over Africa and the world from a broad range of industries, the programme fosters insightful dialogues with uncommon partners and builds a supportive community of like-minded peers.

The programme features SingularityU South Africa’s world-class faculty, as well as international faculty experts.


Past Programmes

4 - 7 May 2019 - SOLD OUT
1 - 4 September 2019 - SOLD OUT
1 - 4 March 2020 - SOLD OUT
Mount Grace

Next Online Programme

21 - 24 February 2021 (Limited to 30)
Price | R 35 000 ex VAT

Programme Overview.

Exponential technologies are humanity’s most powerful tools for creating new opportunities and solving the significant challenges that we face. They demonstrate how the sustained doubling of price performance in computing power holds an immense potential to shape a better future.

We’ll provide you with a set of proven tools for integrating these technologies and nimble innovation practises into your organisation. We’ll discuss the role of the four fundamental human motivations, share the best practices from exponential organisations, and review the design principles of innovation in legacy organisations. We’ll also explain how to apply the 6Ds of technology to explore potential innovations and how to apply moon-shot thinking to create 10x solutions that can have a massive impact. 

You’ll also uncover insights about the trends that are already shaping our future including:

> The continued emergence of AI, robotics, and digital manufacturing that are transforming the workplace
> The future of medicine and digital biology that are impacting human health in a myriad of new ways
> The rise of blockchain technologies and their many implications on all types of transactions between individuals and organisations
> The ethical implications of exponential technologies and how to navigate toward an abundant future for all

Together, these insights and tools will enable you to predict and evaluate how accelerating technologies are transforming your industry, your organisation, your career, and your life.

While other leadership programmes focus on best business practices for today, you’ll come away with an exponential vision for the future in this era of convergence and rapid change.

Day 1:

Reframing Your Perspective

The program begins with an overview of the exponential technologies that are driving our future, such as artificial intelligence, robotics and leadership. We’ll also examine core SU frameworks such as the 6Ds of Disruption and The Thing from the Future and explain how you can use them to shift your mindset and achieve the impact you want to make in the future.

Day 2:

Scanning the Horizon

During our second day, we’ll focus on specific technologies and global grand challenges that will play an important role in determining South Africa and Africa's future. The main focus is on Moonshot thinking and the impacts on Future Cities. We’ll also explore ethical considerations about how we apply technology in the future and manage the impacts they may have on society.

Day 3:

Forecasting & Planning Your Future

On our final day together we will reflect on what it means to be exponential and the role that each of us can play in creating the future—not only as individuals but also as a cohort. You’ll plan your next steps and identify opportunities for the SU community to help you to achieve your goals.
Singularity University has changed the way that we think about our business and the future. We have fully immersed ourselves into the world of exponential technologies, because we understand that we live in extraordinary times, where progress is accelerating at an exponential rate,”

—Shayne Mann
co-CEO of SingularityU South Africa.

What to Expect.

Who You'll Meet.

When you attend the SingularityU South Africa Executive Programme, you’ll be part of a cohort of about 60 dynamic leaders and changemakers from South Africa and Africa who will deepen your understanding and broaden your perspective of our changing world.

Each cohort attracts senior management, such as CEOs, CTOs, EVPs, SVPs, and R&D leaders, as well as leading entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, regulators, and thought leaders. The people you will meet not only during the SingularityU South Africa Executive Programme but also once you engage with the SU global community represent the future of their industries and countries, and are often working on projects that have the potential to reshape the way the world works.
“There are frameworks, actual tools, that people who are very successful are sharing in a very open format.”

—Ahmad Butt
CEO, Jetstone Asset Management

Faculty & Curriculum

Our world-class faculty have an impressive breadth and depth of expertise across a wide range of topics. When you attend a SingularityU South Africa Executive Programme, you’ll also benefit from our impressive array of extraordinary guest speakers, including world-class experts, CEOs, and thriving entrepreneurs from the SingularityU South Africa community.

The SingularityU South Africa Executive Programme curriculum includes exponential technologies, transformational practices, and relevant global challenges and opportunities, each taught by world experts. You’ll leave with a comprehensive overview of covered topic areas and an understanding of recent major innovations and the implications they have on industries, society, and our future. Prepare to be transformed.


Artificial Intelligence & Robotics • Digital Biology & Biotech • The Future of Medicine • Nanotech & Digital Manufacturing • Networks & Computing Systems • Blockchain & Digital Currencies


Design for Exponentials • Entrepreneurship • Exponential Organizations • Forecasting & Future Studies • Organizational Innovation • Policy, Law & Ethics • Synthesis & Convergence

Global challenges & opportunities

Learning • Prosperity • Governance • Security • Energy • Environment • Food • Disaster Resilience • Global Health • Space • Shelter • Water
“[Going] through SU changes the way you view the world and, for me, it says that you’re someone who is playing a much bigger game.”

—Dr. Peter H. Diamandis
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Exponential technologies are building the future today.

You will explore how these technologies are impacting your business and how to use the huge opportunities to the benefit of yourself, your organization and society as a whole.

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SingularityU South Africa aims to build an empowered network of globally connected changemakers across Africa, who are able to innovate and implement solutions that will solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. SingularityU South Africa runs custom education, innovation and impact programmes that help others leverage rapidly accelerating technologies in innovative ways to unlock solutions that can positively impact millions of lives. We want to #futureproofAfrica into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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