Johannesburg 28 May 2020

This summit is an industry specific summit with some of the world’s foremost innovators in technology and finance. From blockchain to quantum computing, the future of work to financial inclusion, cashless banking, AI, robotics and venture capital.

Tickets will be available to purchase - end of January limited to 800 people only. Ticket costs from R7,695 per person for the one day summit. You can also subscribe on the page to be notified of event news.
SingularityU South Africa aims to build an empowered network of globally connected changemakers across Africa, who are able to innovate and implement solutions that will solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. SingularityU South Africa runs custom education, innovation and impact programmes that help others leverage rapidly accelerating technologies in innovative ways to unlock solutions that can positively impact millions of lives. We want to #futureproofAfrica into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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