September 23, 2019


Hi Changemakers,

With only 23 days to go, we hope you are as excited as we are about the SingularityU South Africa Summit on the 16-17 October at the Kyalami Grand Prix circuit. As we lead up to the summit, we want to share some of the hot topics to help you prepare for the two-day summit. Attending the summit will help you embrace a mindset of scalable learning, ignite your passion for utilising exponential tech, and build your network of like-minded individuals who are driven to make positive change.
Every year, the SingularityU South Africa Summit programme is rebuilt from the ground up to give you the latest insights into the future of technology as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This platform answers your most difficult questions about how exponential technologies are shifting, converging, and disrupting our lives, businesses, society, government, and communities.

We’re proud to announce that our final speaker line-up includes Amin Toufani, the Singularity University chair of Finance and Economics and CEO of T-Labs. He brings a unique set of technological, entrepreneurial and policy perspectives to the dialogue of innovation. Amin and his team will share the trends they discovered while studying more than 250 businesses that experienced exponential growth.

10 topics: Unlimited possibilities. 

  1. Exponential Mindset: Big ideas change the world. Laila Pawlak will explain what it means to have an exponential mindset and how to thrive in a digital future. Ramez Naam will talk us through the power of the exponential network and the increase in connectivity, while Stafford Masie will discuss how we can reimagine humanity in an exponential world. 
  2. Exponential Tech: Expect to learn about ethics in artificial intelligence presented by Alix Rubsaam, rights for robots with Dr Suzanne Gildert, how to leverage VR and AR for impact with Rachel Sibley. Other topics on nanotechnology, synthetic biology, and networks and sensors will focus on how these technologies can help solve some of Africa’s challenges, how they will impact the future, and their ethical implications.
  3. Energy: International and local energy specialists with a passion to solve the energy and water crisis will discuss the importance of nanotechnology and solar power. World-renowned energy expert Ramez Naam will talk about how alternative energy sources are abundant in sunny Africa. 
  4. Water: Sivan Ya’ari will share her expertise on how she has provided clean drinking water to over 1 million Africans and counting by using solar tech. While Murendini Mafumo will tell us how he purifies water using renewable energy, as well as the future of water tech.
  5. Future of Food: What happens when we run out of food? How do you feed a population that by 2050 will require a 70% increase in food production? Learn from Arturo Elizondo about the future of protein production in a lab at a molecular level. Dr Geci Karuri-Sebina provides insights into food security in African cities, while David Bray will talk about smart food supply chains as blockchain technology and big data convergence occurs in food production.  
  6. Biotech & Medicine: Learn from Habib Frost, the youngest medical doctor in Denmark, about the future of medicine and technological advancements, and how Africa can leapfrog medicine. Tilly Lockey will talk about her vision for human machine convergence during a fireside chat with SA faculty member Benji Rosman. Kim Hulett will discuss the future of reproduction and designer babies and the ethics around that. 
  7. What will travel look like in future? Or is it the future? Straight from the brainwaves of Elon Musk to the adoption of electric vehicles, hear from Hyperloop’s Andres de Leon about the future of travel and transportation in emerging economies. The world’s first electronic motorcycle, which  Bas Verkaik travelled around the world in 80 days, is also coming to the summit, which you’ll have the chance to experience. Nigeria’s Adetayo Bamiduro will share how he is re-inventing transportation and mobility in Africa. Mic Mann will present on how South Africans can access the global economy by embracing new platforms and tools to stimulate job creation and the local economy. 
  8. Education: Africa has the potential to solve her problems and leapfrog the first world by embracing new forms of education. The Diversity and Inclusion panel discussion will investigate the future of Africa’s education and how this will impact businesses and organisations. 
  9. The Future of work: Author Kris Østergaard helps decode the complexities of new business models and how to transform legacy organisations, while Valter Adão will talk about restructuring the future of work, especially in terms of an African context. 
  10. Leadership: We will learn from Amin Toufani on what Exponential Business Models will encompass, their organisational structure, leadership style, value proposition, delivery system, adaptability and company culture. Adam Pantanowitz will share his story of step change and how it can help African leaders overcome adversity. Meanwhile, David Bray will talk about our rapidly changing world and how c-suite leaders have an imperative to be positive change agents and operate beyond the status quo.

The track 2 stage will host deep-dive panel discussions on the convergence of AI, robotics, AR, VR; the future of energy and water in Africa; the confluence of biotech and medtech, as well as an IOT workshop. 

There are still a limited number of tickets available. You’ve asked and we’ve listened Late Mover ticket sales will end on the 03 October due to the public holidays. Be the first to make the change within your organisation by joining us at the third annual SingularityU South Africa Summit 2019.

SingularityU South Africa aims to build an empowered network of globally connected changemakers across Africa, who are able to innovate and implement solutions that will solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. SingularityU South Africa runs custom education, innovation and impact programmes that help others leverage rapidly accelerating technologies in innovative ways to unlock solutions that can positively impact millions of lives. We want to #futureproofAfrica into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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